VLA Annual Conference May 20, 2014
1 month to go.

Our Mission

The Vermont Library Association (VLA) is an educational organization working to develop, promote, and improve library and information services and librarianship in the state of Vermont.

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Join us as we explore "Story Time: Advocate, Celebrate, and BE HEARD!" with ALA's Director for the Office of Library Advocacy, Marci Merola. We have an amazing schedule full of sessions, panels, poster presentations, lots networking time, and BATTLE DECKS!

National Library Week – April 13-19, 2014

VLA will be running our series of three "Vermont Libraries Will Take You Anywhere" ads on WCAX again this year, so keep your eyes peeled or check them out on our YouTube Channel!

Libraries are part of the essential services in every community. Police and firefighters save lives; libraries make lives.

-- Amber Billey, VLA President

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