Free Financial Fraud Workshop for VT Libraries

Fraud occurs in Vermont. And when it happens, it can have a devastating impact. This impact is felt by the person defrauded, their family, as well as by the entire community. The FINRA Investor Education Foundation, a non-profit organization, has launched an antifraud campaign to combat investment fraud in Vermont. The Foundation is working with AARP VT, the State of Vermont, and local Vermont organizations, including Vermont Public Television and the Community of Vermont Elders (“COVE”). As part of this project, the Foundation has developed a research-based curriculum to present to small and large groups. The presentation teaches Vermonters that they can be at risk for financial fraud, how to spot the “tactics” that fraudsters use in defrauding people, and the simple tools they can use to defend themselves against investment fraud. We are especially concerned about Vermonters aged 55+ who are specifically targeted.

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Putney, Burlington and Brattleboro Libraries: The Hearts of Their Communities

The feature article in the Summer issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal, “Libraries at the Heart of Our Communities,” reports on the increasingly important role public libraries are playing in our communities. The article also focuses on how libraries can strengthen downtowns and main street districts. The article features interviews with librarians in Putney, Burlington and Brattleboro.

For a limited time the article is available to download at no charge (as a pdf file). For information about Libraries at the Heart of Our Communities, and to download it, go to:

VLA Awards for 2009

At the 2009 Vermont Library Conference, the Vermont Library Association presented awards to two outstanding Vermont librarians: Michael Roche and Amy Grasmick, and to one terrific trustee: Tina Rotella.

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Round Four of Listen Up! Vermont

Hello all,

We’re gearing up for signups for Round Four of Listen Up! Vermont, the downloadable audio book service from the Green Mountain Library Consortium provided by OverDrive.

Round Four begins July 1 for staff training and access, with public access available on or about August 1. You can look at the current collection at; let us know if you would like to try and download a title, and we will send you a library card number.

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DCF Committee Opening

Unexpectedly, one of the members of the DCF committee has had to resign, so we have an immediate opening on the committee.

We are looking for someone who loves to read and talk about books; someone who can’t wait to get to school or the library to share their latest finds with the kids; someone who doesn’t mind working hard for a good cause.

There is one three-year opening on the DCF committee beginning immediately.

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100 Ways to Make Your Library a Little Greener

Librarians need to be on the constant cutting edge in terms of technology, researching, web tools and even architecture and design. But libraries are also a great place to educate the public and your students about the environment, from eco-friendly lifestyle choices to organizations that promote green causes. Here are 100 ways to make your library a little greener.

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Ashgate Grants for Vermont Town Libraries

Since the year 2000, Ashgate Publishing Company in Burlington has devoted a large portion of its annual charitable contributions budget to support libraries around the state.

Through its library donations program, Ashgate makes grants to public libraries in Vermont for special one-time projects and needs (as opposed to standard operating expenses and book budgets) as they arise. Some examples of the grants made in past years include:

“Vermont Reads” Grant Deadline May 30

Greetings, all,

I am forwarding the announcement (below) from the Vermont Humanities Council with the hope that many libraries around the state will participate in the Vermont Reads program this year. VHC has selected a wonderful book that will appeal to a wide audience. Information about the book, the program, and financial assistance is below. Deadline for applications is May 30, 2009.

Martha Reid

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