Welcome to the VLA Friends and Trustees Section!

The VLA Friends and Trustees Section (formerly VLA Trustees Section) provides opportunities for trustees, friends of the library, and other library advocates from around the state to network on common interests and to cooperate in regional projects. In addition, the Section supports the State Division of Libraries in organizing an annual fall statewide conference. These conferences offer access to experts from across the country with time as well to network with other trustees.

Contact Us

Vice President:
Nancy Mark
Castleton Free Library
Board of Trustees
PO Box 296
Castleton, VT 05735

Immediate Past President:
Howard Burrows
Brooks Memorial Library
Board of Trustees
224 Main Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301
(603) 630-0012

Save the Date! November 12, 2016 Vermont Library Association Friends and Trustees Conference, Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa

The conference promises to be exciting and informative! Rebekkah Smith Aldrich will be the keynote speaker. Her work on Sustainable Libraries is inspiring and vital for all who are devoted to the success of our libraries.

Please check the website for more conference information as we get closer to the date. We hope to see you there!

What We Do

Here are some example areas of common interest across the state:

1. Legal Responsibilities

  • Trustees have duties and obligations in directing library staff.
  • Depending on the type of library (Municipal, Community, or Non-profit) Friends and Trustees have different roles and responsibilities in asset management (fiscal and physical) .
  • Be aware of Vermont's Open Meeting Law.

2. Funds

  • Strategies to obtain high return on fundraising efforts.
  • Guidelines for proper distribution and handling of these funds.

3. Community

  • Help kindle and harness Trustee/Friends interests in VLA group activities.
  • Libraries have a strong presence in local communities; how can we best show their value to decision-makers.
  • Roles are changing with new technologies, workforce and education needs, and new opportunities for cultural literacy.

The Trustees Section is guided by a Steering Committee of trustees from around the state. We welcome new Steering Committee members at any time during the year. Contact us for details.