Head Librarian/Director (Highgate,VT)

Highgate Library and Community Center is seeking a Head Librarian/Director to manage employees and volunteers, manage library collections, and maintain responsibility of administrative work. This person will plan, manage, and direct the operations, programs, services, and personnel of the Highgate Library and Community Center. 

Duties would include, but not be limited to, directing operations of library programs, providing support to the Trustees, working with Trustees to set short and long term goals for the library, and working towards their execution, oversees personnel administration, and advocating on behalf of the library.

The candidate must be an effective manager, have strong communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills,and be knowledgeable of the workings of libraries. They should also be creative, enthusiastic, flexible, able to work with diverse groups, resourceful, searching for and open to new and different ideas, and well read. Should possess a Certificate of Public Librarianship or a degree in Library Sciences. Prefer 5 years of library experience, with at least 2 years in a supervisory capacity. Shall have excellent public speaking, written, and oral communication skills. Will recognize the tremendous opportunities arising in Highgate and work to build partnerships, market the library operations and be responsive to community needs.

Pay is commensurate with qualifications and or formal experience.

Please submit resume, cover letter, and references by Monday September 17 to: Rebecca Howrigan via email rebecca.howrigan@gmail.com