Library Director (Fairfax, VT)

The Fairfax Community Library is seeking a full-time library director for our combined school and public library. The director plans, manages, and directs the daily operations, programs, and services of the community library under the administration of the Library  Board of Trustees. We are seeking a dynamic, creative, collaborative leader who will  create a welcoming environment at the library, which serves as a hub of community engagement.

Priority given to applicants who possess a Certificate of Public Librarianship or a degree in Library Sciences. Please submit a resume, cover letter, and three references with contact information by October 18 to: eric.a.foreman.library.[email protected]  

Job Description

Supervisory / Managerial

  • Oversee community library employees, including developing job descriptions, supervising, hiring, training, evaluating, and terminating staff; and report staffing issues  directly to the chair of Trustees
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with library patrons, trustees, town and school officials, school personnel, and community groups
  • Recruit, train and supervise volunteers
  • Manage staffing requirements of the library together with the Trustees 
  • Deal responsibly with patron problems and emergencies to maintain a safe and pleasant work environment
  • Implement community library policies as adopted by the Board of Trustees, and follow the relevant BFA School Board policies during school hours
  • Attend Board of Trustees meetings to report on library operations, present financial reports, raise any issues or concerns, and serve as a resource for the trustees
  • Assist the chair of the Trustees in creating agendas for Trustee meetings
  • Monitor library expenditures, prepare purchase orders and invoices for the town treasurer on a weekly basis, pay bills, and maintain expenditures within the annual operating budget
  • Prepare a budget proposal for the November budget meeting with Trustees
  • Coordinate with Trustees to prepare report for inclusion in the annual Town Report
  • Participate in policy development and apprise Trustees of the need for new or updated policies 
  • Coordinate long range strategic planning process with trustees, staff, and community
  • Seek grants to supplement library budget
  • Solicit donations and/or gifts to the library and acknowledge their receipt 
  • Evaluate operations and activities and alter or adopt new services as needed  
  • Submit required reports to the Vermont State Dept. of Libraries
  • Use services/consultants of the VT Dept. of Libraries and VT Library Association as needed

Daily Operations

  • Create a welcoming environment in the library and provide friendly, courteous, and accurate service to library patrons
  • Oversee and manage daily tasks of running the public library
  • Support and maintain a positive collaborative relationship with school library staff
  • Help patrons access information from the collection, the library’s online resources, and the internet
  • Oversee fulfillment of Interlibrary Loan requests
  • Solicit and respond to patron requests, suggestions, and concerns 
  • Develop library collections. Cull damaged, outdated materials from the library collection, and make decisions regarding their disposition 
  • Select digital resources and work to make them easily accessible to the public
  • Collaborate with library staff to develop, deliver, and evaluate programs
  • Oversee and maintain the public computer system and its use, and implement new technologies as needed
  • Troubleshoot computer, printer, and wireless network problems; call in tech support as needed

Job Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Development

  • Keep up to date with developments in the field
  • Working knowledge of library systems, practices, procedures  and technologies including bibliographic, reference and research techniques
  • Knowledge of computers and the internet, especially integrated library systems software, Microsoft Office, and similar software programs
  • Exercise discretion with patrons and staff
  • Prioritize work, meet established deadlines, and delegate duties as appropriate
  • Work effectively as a member of a team
  • Effective oral and written communication, and the ability to prepare and present reports in the appropriate format
  • Participate in required school safety and crisis trainings
  • Maintain affiliation with state and national professional organizations 
  • Attend at least two professional development opportunities a year

Public Relations and Communication

  • Inform the community of upcoming programs and library services through printed materials, the library website, social media, and newspapers
  • Keep the library’s website and social media up to date
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with community groups
  • Advocate for the library by raising awareness within the community of the value, role, and services provided by the library