Library Director (Peacham, VT)

Job Title: Library Director

Summary: The Library Director is the administrator in charge of all facets of running Peacham Library, an incorporated library in Peacham, Vermont. As such, the Director is responsible for the day-to-day library operations; maintains a hospitable, friendly environment at the library; carries out Peacham Library policies;  spends annual budgeted funds for their designated purposes; provides programming and material resources to the Peacham community; trains and supervises staff and volunteers to run the Library; works with the Board of Trustees and the Friends of Peacham Library; assists with fundraising and grant writing; and reports on these activities to the Trustees, the town and the State of Vermont. 

The Library: Peacham Library is a 208-year-old incorporated library. It is a central part of the Peacham community’s intellectual, educational, leisure, and cultural life. The library strives to represent all of the community’s interests in its collection; promotes use of the library by all residents to enrich their lives; and meets the needs of all residents for information and other library resources, either from its own collection or through networks to which it belongs.

Qualifications: A four-year college degree is preferred but not required. Familiarity with library practices is desirable. While an MLS is not required, willingness to work towards and complete the Vermont Certificate of Public Librarianship is required if neither an MLS or a Certificate is already held.

As the public face of Peacham Library, the Director must first be dedicated to customer service, both to the individual patron and the entire community. We are looking for candidates who possess the following skills or are motivated to learn them:


  • Administration: Ability to select and maintain library materials; hire, schedule and train staff and volunteers; carry out library policies and procedures.

  • Programming: Ability to develop and present public programs in conjunction with community, school, and cultural  groups to meet the needs and interests of all the segments of the community.

  • Technology:  Facility with computers (hardware and software) and organizational systems in order to run the library and assist patrons; interest in providing STEAM programming and computer training to adults and youth.

  • Finance: Experience with budget development, grant-writing, and fundraising to maximize the resources available to the Library.

  • Communication: Ability to use traditional and digital media to reach out to the local and larger communities about events, programming, and resources available at Peacham Library; presents an approachable and responsive demeanor to all.

  • Flexibility: Recognition that every day presents unique challenges and an ability to shift priorities to meet immediate needs while keeping long-term goals firmly in sight.


Hours and Compensation: Peacham Library is open 20 hours per week, Monday through Saturday, and for public programs outside of these hours. The Library Director will work approximately 17 hours each week, with hours split between public representation, front-desk, administration, and programming. The hourly wage is between $17-$20, depending upon qualifications and experience.

Please send a resume and cover letter to by April 16, 2018.
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