Vermont Department of Libraries Vermont Library Association Vermont Schools Library Association

This campaign would not be possible...
without the assistance of these people.

In front of the camera: Jim Siewierski, Jan Abbott, Stella Gardner, Oliver Sloan, Arlyn Bruccoli, Paul Hood, Stephanie Boutin, Wendy Hysko, Donna Canniff, Andy Duback, Jeffrey Sloan, Bill Skiff, Kat Redniss, Marti Fiske

Behind the camera: Stephen Ruiz, Scott Campitelli and Barb Pendl of RETN and Andy Duback Photography

Locations: Brownell Library (Essex Jct.), Penny Pillsbury—Librarian, Thomas Fleming Elementary School (Essex Jct.), Daniel Ryan—Principal, Bolton Valley Resort, Bill Skiff and Howard Novak—Williston Richmond Rotary

Props: Green Mountain Harley-Davidson, Men’s Wearhouse (Williston), Loise & Richard Tallman, Sarah Gonyeau

Other: Marcy Kass Design, Greta and Jeffrey Sloan, Michelle Harper, Kelly Marketing Group, Kim Peine, Chris Bohjalian

Campaign committee: Kat Redniss, Marti Fiske, Charlotte Gerstein, Christine Friese, Christine Eldred and Lucinda Walker