Library/Media Specialist – North Hero School (North Hero, VT)

North Hero School is seeking candidates for a Library/Media technology educator position. This position is .2 FTE, one full day per week. Interested candidates should have experience, or endorsement in managing a school library, ability to lead projects using the Google platform, have an eye for emerging technology, personalized learning plans and the ability to manage classrooms in grade levels Pre-K through grade 6.Read More

Information Specialist: Library & Technology – Wallingford Elementary School (Wallingford, VT)

The Wallingford Elementary School is seeking a full time Informational Specialist; Library and Technology to serve Pre K-6th grade students. A successful candidate will demonstrate knowledge of literature and current trends in library/media practice and information technology, knowledge of the NETS standards for technology, and use of a variety of devices in our 1:1 environment. We are seeking a candidate who also has experience and knowledge of creating personalized learning plans, goal setting and reflections and proficiency based learning. The information Specialist will create a culture for investigation and love of literature, assist students and teachers in the use of technology and lead PD activities to support the development of the use of technology to differentiate and engage the learners.

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Library Media Specialist – Newport City Elementary School (Newport, VT)

The Newport City Elementary School has an opening for a Library Media Specialist for the 2016-2017 school year.
Position Goal: To administer a program that is integrated with the school curriculum and supports the educational mission of the school. The job involves several components: educational, technical, and professional. Both collaboratively and independently, the Library Media Specialist provides high quality programming that promotes literacy, digital citizenship, and the skillful use of technology.Read More