2009-2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey

The 2009-2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access survey (available for completion at www.plinternetsurvey.org) conducted by the American Library Association (ALA – www.ala.org/plinternetfunding) and the Center for Library & Information Innovation at the University of Maryland (www.liicenter.org/plinternet) closes Friday, November 13, 2009.

Vermont libraries are responding. So far we only have a 52.1% response rate.  Last year’s response rate was 61%.  We know that you’re completing the Annual Public Library Report and Standards Application, but please take the time to complete all of these.

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Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey

Responses to our Public Library Funding & Technology Access survey have increased significantly in the last week – thank you for all of your efforts!

But we still would like to have a higher response rate, and we also need to allow some extra time for those libraries in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Opportunity Online Hardware program.  Right now, nationwide there is a 55% response rate overall. In Vermont, we have about a 20% response rate.  60% is the preferred minimum threshold, but the higher the response rate, the better the data.

As a result, the survey has been extended through Friday, November 13, 2009.

You can log in and complete the survey at: http://www.plinternetsurvey.org .

We know you’re completing your Annual Public Library Reports and Standards Applications, but hope you can see you way clear to participating in this nationwide survey, as well.


Rob Geiszler

Fiction Set in Vermont, Volume 3 now available!

The new publication of Fiction Set in Vermont 3, compiled and written by Ann McKinstry Micou. This resource joins Ann’s earlier two volumes, providing annotated and indexed listings of fiction set in our state. Because Ann has personally read every book that she lists, her annotations are especially rich and will delight readers across the state. Whether you give it to patrons for browsing, use it as a Readers’ Advisory tool, or use it to create your own personal reading lists, I encourage librarians to purchase a copy for library collections. The Vermont Department of Libraries has been a proud sponsor of all three volumes.

Annual Public Libraries Report mailing this week

Public Library Directors,

This week the Department of Libraries will mail you information about completing this year’s Public Library Report and your library’s annual Standards Application. Please remember that this year you will complete and file these reports online via a web-based product called Bibliostat Collect. You will not receive any paper forms in the mail.

When you receive your letter, please read through the instructions carefully and make note of your library’s unique login and password. You will need this information to access the Bibliostat Collect site.

The deadline this year for submitting the Public Library Report and Standards Applications is November 23, 2009 (postmark date). If you have any questions as you work on your reports, please contact our State Data Coordinator, Rob Geiszler, Information Technology Manager, Sheila Kearns, or your regional library consultant.

2009 Public Libraries and the Internet Study

The 2009 Public Libraries and the Internet Study (as part of the Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study) funded by the American Library Association and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was opened to libraries for participation September 8, 2009. The project is managed and directed by Denise Davis and Larra Clark of the ALA Office of Research and Statistics, and the survey is directed by John Bertot at the University of Maryland College Park’s Center for Library & Information Innovation.

Results from the 2008 survey have already been coming out these last months to inform the Broadband Stimulus debates, library assistance with jobs, and library assistance with e-government. You can find recently released issue briefs and other useful data at the study website (http://www.ala.org/plinternetfunding). The current context makes the data from these surveys even more important, and we hope you will participate in this year’s survey so that this information is complete and widely available.

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Good Ideas!

The Vermont Department of Libraries is launching Good Ideas, http://vtgoodideas.wordpress.com. The website will include examples of programs, manuals, forms and fundraisers used by Vermont public libraries. Check it out—and please contact me if you have material to share.

Amy Howlett
VT Department of Libraries

To all librarians who select children’s and/or YA books for their libraries: Materials Review Sessions!

If you select children’s or young adult books for your school or public library, come preview the books first before you spend your money. DOL’s Materials Review Sessions feature oral reviews of approximately 75 titles and the opportunity to examine hundreds of other books recommended either by our volunteer reviewers or by the review media. All have reviews inserted in them to help you with purchase decisions.

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Updated Intro to Vermont Online Libraries (VOL)

I’ve updated the PowerPoint introduction to the Vermont Online Library at http://www.webjunction.org/vt-ce/-/resources/discussion/80730711 You don’t need to log into WebJunction to retrieve the workshop.

The PowerPoint link is http://tinyurl.com/qbdmof. The WebJunction link provides user handouts and a script to read for the workshop. The searches, email functions, and Help commands described in this workshop are unchanged from the 2008 edition.

Amy Howlett
VT Department of Libraries