Vermont Library Association Strategic Plan 2014-2017


The Vermont Library Association is an educational organization committed to the development, promotion, and  improvement of library and information services and librarianship in the State of Vermont.

The VLA Board has identified four strategic areas:


This strategic area concerns the efforts of VLA in the area of advocating on behalf of the libraries in the state of Vermont.

  1. Promote the activities and services of libraries statewide.
  2. Develop a plan to raise the visibility of libraries in Vermont.
  3. Advocate for the establishment of statewide funding for libraries.
  4. Advocate for better compensation for Vermont library workers.
  5. Monitor and encourage response to pending legislation that affects libraries.
  6. Advocate to update State Standards for Public Libraries.
  7. Strengthen and establish partnerships with other library and community organizations.


This strategic area addresses issues relating to the education and professional development of librarians in Vermont.

  1. Promote librarianship as a profession and encourage new people to enter the field.
  2. Promote opportunities for members wishing to pursue MLS degrees.
  3. Provide continuing education opportunities that will be of benefit and interest to all of our members.
  4. Provide mentoring opportunities for new librarians.
  5. Organize the Vermont Library Conference.
  6. Work with VTLib to evaluate the Librarian Certification process.
  7. Explore new methods for offering continuing education opportunities (e.g., distance learning models, partnerships with LIS schools).


This strategic area has to do with promoting and protecting intellectual freedom for all Vermonters.

  1. Continue to train VT librarians, trustees and administrators about issues relating to intellectual freedom.
  2. Provide training to educate VT librarians about confidentiality.
  3. Create a directory of attorneys who specialize in 1st Amendment issues.
  4. Sponsor John Swan Intellectual Freedom Lecture every other year beginning in 2007.


This strategic area addresses issues relating to the recruitment and retention of members, as well as to the services provided to members.

  1. Provide more opportunities for members to be active in the association through Sections, committees, and interest groups.
  2. Evaluate and improve communications with and between VLA members.
  3. Expand and improve membership benefits.


This area outlines actionable items to help follow through with the Strategic Plan.


  1. Revive and establish an active Government Relations Committee.
  2. Revive the Legislative Breakfast
  3. Stay informed of library-related legislation and support pending library-related legislation.
  4. Analyze, compare, and visualize the VTLib Annual Public Library Statistics data
  5. President/PastPresident (Amber Billey) will serve on the Envisioning Vermont Libraries Committee with the Board of Libraries.
  6. Hold an unconference about libraries and reach out to unexpected community partners.
  7. Contribute events to the VTLib calendar.


  1. Provide scholarships for MLIS students.
  2. Revive the mentorship program
  3. Continue organizing the VLC
  4. Draft a report on the Librarian Certification process
  5. Form partnerships with more LIS Schools for discounted rates for our members


  1. Provide Intellectual Freedom resources on our webpage.
  2. Create the directory of lawyers
  3. Continue to organize biannual John Swan lectures


  1. Update our website
  2. Move toward an online renewal process
  3. Explore membership management software
  4. Explore a members only listserv
  5. Engage via social media

Vermont Library Association Strategic Plan 2014-2017 (PDF, 117 KB)