2010 Woman's Day Magazine Library Contest

Libraries have until May 9 to promote Woman’s Day magazine’s newest initiative, “why the library is important to my community.” The American Library Association (ALA) and Woman’s Day are looking for stories that showcase the importance and value of libraries within the communities they serve.
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Intellectual Freedom Webinars for Library Trustees

SPACE STILL AVAILABLE – REGISTER TODAY AT http://www.ala.org/oif/onlinetrainings

“Controversial Materials in the Library: Supporting Intellectual Freedom in Your Community”

OIF is partnering with the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations (ALTAFF) to present three one-hour webinars in February for library trustees on the topic of controversial materials in library collections.

The webinars, entitled “Controversial Materials in the Library: Supporting Intellectual Freedom in Your Community,” are intended to help trustees understand the basics of intellectual freedom in libraries. They will cover information on collection development policies, procedures for handling challenges to library materials, and tips on responding to controversies that may arise. Angela Maycock, OIF Assistant Director, will lead the webinar series.

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URGENT ACTION ALERT: Get Librarians into the "Jobs Bill"

Please call both of your U.S. Senators to ask each of them to request that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL), and Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND),  include the hiring and retaining of librarians in the $18 billion “Jobs Bill” as well.
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Vermont Materials Challenges for ALAOIF

With the end of the year, American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (ALAOIF) is  compiling the yearly list of most frequently challenged books.  ALAOIF collects information for the  challenge database from media reports and from reports submitted by individuals especially State IFC chairs.  I would greatly appreciate if you could send me any information on challenges in your institution during 2009.    Challenges reported to ALA by individuals are kept confidential and any report can be cross-checked with existing entries in the database.  You may report challenges by filling out and submitting OIF’s database form (available at http://tinyurl.com/ya4ehpp) or you may simply email me the details of the incident and I can fill out a form on your behalf.  If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

Thank you for your help.
Gail Weymouth
VLA IFC chair

News on status of Haitian Libraries

Forwarded message from Danielle Mincio, Member of IFLA Governing Board on the status of Haitian libraries.

Dear Colleagues,

The National library is not collapsed but strongly damaged. Patrimonial architects are going to examine the state of the building to know it will be possible to intervene. The analysis of the cultural buildings are analysed after those absolutely essential (hospital, etc.)

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New Grant Opportunity to Support Picturing America Programs in Public Libraries

The ALA Public Programs Office and the National Endowment for the Humanities are pleased to announce a new grant opportunity for public libraries that received the NEH’s Picturing America collection of American artwork.  Grants of $2,000 will be distributed to 30 public libraries to support public programs that highlight the Picturing America collection.  Applications will be accepted though March 31 at www.programminglibrarian.org/picturingamerica.

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ALA Councilor's Report from Midwinter III

I am now half way through my final Council meeting. Thus far we have voted on five resolutions. I was pleased to vote for a very good resolution on libraries in Haiti. It encourages ALA to do everything possible to aid libraries in Haiti. I also voted in the affirmative for resolutions encouraging transparency and openness in the federal government and a resolution supporting digital information initiatives at the government printing office. I also supported a resolution on universal access to broadband. Final copies of these resolutions will be available on the ALA website soon.
Council has concluded and I am headed home on Cape Air. Nine seat prop plane–super cool.
Nancy Wilson

ALA Councilor's Report from Midwinter II

This morning I attended my second council meeting where we heard a report from Kent Oliver, Freedom to Read Foundation President. He introduced us to Barbara Jones, new FTR Executive Director. We also heard reports from the ALA Treasurer.
It may be interesting to people that there is an Office of Research and Statistics at ALA. Their website has many reports and statistics that may be valuable to Vermont Libraries.
I will write more tomorrow when actual business will be coming before council.
Nancy Wilson

ALA Councilor's Report from Midwinter I

Greetings from cloudy Boston! I am beginning my second term as your ALA Councilor. I am honored to have this opportunity to represent Vermont at our national organization.
Yesterday I attended a Chapter Relation Committee meeting where I was surprised and pleased to hear that the Washington Office of ALA has included the cost of databases for all libraries in a recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus funds). We will need to wait to see if the grant is funded.
Today I am at my first council meeting where we are hearing about budget issues, endowment reports, and introduction of the ALA 2015 strategic plan draft.  After breaking into small groups we have had a chance to comment on and suggest changes to the strategic plan.  You may view the draft plan here.  Please let me know if you have any comments on the draft.
As might be expected income for the organization has fallen, but some cutbacks in activities have made the loss less than it may have been.
The Executive Director presented his report this morning. American Libraries magazine is now online.
Later today I will attend a council forum and hear Yohannes Grebregeorgis who founded Nigeria Reads speak at the President’s program.
I will write more tomorrow.
Nancy Wilson