2009-2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey

The 2009-2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access survey (available for completion at www.plinternetsurvey.org) conducted by the American Library Association (ALA – www.ala.org/plinternetfunding) and the Center for Library & Information Innovation at the University of Maryland (www.liicenter.org/plinternet) closes Friday, November 13, 2009.

Vermont libraries are responding. So far we only have a 52.1% response rate.  Last year’s response rate was 61%.  We know that you’re completing the Annual Public Library Report and Standards Application, but please take the time to complete all of these.

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Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey

Responses to our Public Library Funding & Technology Access survey have increased significantly in the last week – thank you for all of your efforts!

But we still would like to have a higher response rate, and we also need to allow some extra time for those libraries in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Opportunity Online Hardware program.  Right now, nationwide there is a 55% response rate overall. In Vermont, we have about a 20% response rate.  60% is the preferred minimum threshold, but the higher the response rate, the better the data.

As a result, the survey has been extended through Friday, November 13, 2009.

You can log in and complete the survey at: http://www.plinternetsurvey.org .

We know you’re completing your Annual Public Library Reports and Standards Applications, but hope you can see you way clear to participating in this nationwide survey, as well.


Rob Geiszler

Libraries and Ken Burns’ “The National Parks”

Join the excitement around the Vermont Public Television premiere of Ken Burns’ new series, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea on September 27, 2009.

  1. Schedule a community preview and discussion of The National Parks. Get the 45-minute preview DVD of the series, electronic invitations, template press release and flyers to promote the event from outreach@vpt.org or
  2. Link to the VPT website http://parks.vpt.org from your website so people can see information about the film series and the State Parks photo contest.
  3. Schedule a Ranger from Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park or one of the Vermont State Parks to participate in the preview. For National Park Rangers, contact Tim Maguire, Chief of Visitor Services, at 802-457-3368 x18 or by e-mail: Tim_Maguire@nps.gov. For State Park Rangers, contact Nate McKeen, Chief of Park Operations, at 802-241-3664 or by e-mail:
  4. List events related to the Ken Burns premiere on the Public Television website by contacting outreach@vpt.org or 1-800-639-3351.

Amy Howlett
VT Department of Libraries