VLA Bylaws Change Official Ballot 2011


So far 30% of the membership has voted on the proposed bylaws changes and we thank you! If you have not yet cast your ballot, please know that this Friday, June 10th, is the last day to vote. It is your right as a member to vote so make sure your voice is heard!

Below is a link to the electronic ballot for the proposed VLA Bylaws changes. The link includes supporting documentation and the ballot.

Please vote ONLY IF:

1. You are a VLA Member whose dues are current
2. You did not vote at the Annual Meeting held May 24, 2011


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you!

Helen Linda
VLA Communications

VLA Bylaws with Proposed Revisions

Proposed changes to the bylaws of the Vermont Library Association are attached for review at the annual membership meeting at the upcoming Vermont Library Conference.  The VLA Board has worked throughout the year to comprehensively overhaul the existing bylaws.  The proposed version has track changes on for comparison purposes.

VLA Bylaws with proposed revisions 2011 (PDF, 148 K)

VLA Bylaws with proposed revisions 2011 (DOC, 97K)

The current version of the bylaws can be found at https://www.vermontlibraries.org//constitution-bylaws .  The Board has unanimously endorsed this revision.

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VLA News – May 2011 is Hot off the Presses!

Hi all –

The VLA News – May 2011 has been sent out and should be waiting for you in your inbox if you are a current member who opted to receive it on their membership form or signed up online.

The VLA News is a member only privileged, so join or renew your membership today in order to get the current issue !

If you would like to read back issues of the VLA News (currently there is only one) they can be accessed from the side bar of the website under VLA Info by clicking through the VLA News Back Issues link.

If your dues are current and you didn’t receive the VLA News but believe you should have, please feel free to contact me and we’ll get it sorted out!

Helen Linda
VLA News Editor

Sign Up for the VLA News via Email!

The VLA News is back in 2011 in a new email format. If you’d like to begin receiving the VLA News in your inbox, simply fill out the short form on the VLA website to opt-in:

Opt-in to VLA News – https://www.vermontlibraries.org//vla-news

You may also sign up by checking yes to “receiving the VLA newsletter via email” on your 2011 VLA Membership Form when you renew.

2011 VLA Membership Form – https://www.vermontlibraries.org/-content/uploads/2010/12/2011VLAmembershipForm.pdf

The first issue of the VLA News will go out in early January, so don’t forget to renew your VLA membership so you can enjoy this member only benefit!

Happy New Year!

Helen Linda
VLA Editorial Committee Chair

Cindy Weber
VLA Membership Committee Chair

Interested in having an MLIS student for an intern?

The Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Rhode Island invites library and information service organizations to register possible professional field experiences (PFE) on their PFE database. This database is intended to help students in the Professional Field Experience (LSC 595) course locate placement sites, and to help potential host institutions attract appropriate student interns.

Students taking LSC 595 (Professional Field Experience) must complete forty-five hours of work for each credit. Students may take the course for anywhere from one to six credits. Details regarding the course may be seen at http://www.uri.edu/artsci/lsc/Academics/Courses/PFE.html. Instructions for viewing the PFE database are also given on this page.

A PFE may be primarily service oriented. For example, the student might work on the Reference Desk and teach information literacy courses in an academic library or the student could catalog new entries in the digital collection of archival institution. The PFE could also be project oriented, where a student could develop a new website or redesign an existing website for a public library or work on a research project for a corporate library. The PFE may also involve a combination of service and projects. The details of each PFE are worked out cooperatively between the student, the supervising library, and the full-time faculty member teaching the course.

If you would like to be listed in the PFE database, please complete the Site Supervisor’s Form at http://www.uri.edu/artsci/lsc/Academics/Courses/PFE/SiteSupervisorForm.pdf and send it to GSLIS as indicated on the form. The full-time faculty member teaching LSC 595 will be happy to work with you and the student to try to find a good match for the PFE.

Looking Inward/Looking Outward: Changing Roles and Expectations in Archival Settings: New England Archivists Fall 2010 Conference

November 5‑6, 2010
Keene State College
Keene, NH

Archival work has always been an evolving field ‑‑ it must be, to maintain its place on the modern front of history amidst changes in collections, technology, and our patrons. The technological revolution has spawned new types of collections, new possibilities for managing them, and new expectations in those who use them.

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Save the date! Videoconferencing in Libraries

More information coming soon.

Within Reach: A live videoconference connecting all parts of Vermont to each other and the world.

September 21, 2010
1:45 – 3:45 pm
At all VIT sites

Learn how videoconferencing brings the world to your library. Be prepared to be excited and engaged by the possibilities that videoconferencing affords.

Learn about funding opportunities. Discover how you can take advantage of available sources including help with grant writing.

Learn about videoconferencing from a librarian who has been connected for years. Meet with inspiration from Wilma Kakie Glover-Koomson The reference librarian/IT manager Haverstraw King’s Daughter Public Library, Garnerville, New York.

Learn about the connection to the Library of Congress. Experience how programs will benefit your community from Judy Graves, Digital Projects Coordinator- Library of Congress.

Come discover how the future for your library is… Within Reach.

*For directions to the VIT sites visit www.vitlink.org