Membership Information

The Vermont Library Association (VLA) is an all-volunteer organization, with more than 300 members.  Membership is open to everyone. We couldn’t operate without your support. Join VLA or renew your membership today by completing the application on this Wild Apricot page.

VLA membership is rolling, which means renewal occurs annually on the date of your payment (versus the first of the year). Dues currently range from $25 to $50 for individual memberships, and from $50 to $100 for organizational “bundle” memberships. VLA members qualify for extended membership at a reduced rate in the New England Library Association (NELA). Library students qualify for ALA/VLA joint membership.

Membership Levels

Individual Memberships

  • Birch – $25 – Salary of $10,000 or less.
  • Aspen – $35 – Salary between $10,001 and $20,000.
  • Maple – $50 – Salary of $20,001 or greater.
  • Linden – $25 – Non-employed member.
  • Ash – $25 – Retired member.
  • Cedar – $25 – Trustee or Friend member.
  • Sugar Maple – Variable – Library student ALA/VLA joint member.

Organizational “Bundle” Memberships

  • Library Organization (staff) – $50
  • Friends Group – $50
  • Board of Trustees $50
  • Other Non-Profit – $50
  • For-Profit Organization – $100

Membership Benefits

All members:

  • NELA Extended Membership at $20 annually per person ($15 for individual members in the student, retiree, friend, trustee, or unemployed membership categories). Those managaing an organizational “bundle” membership should choose the number of NELA Extended Memberships wanted for their group on the Wild Apricot membership application, then email the names of those applying to the membership chairperson at
  • VLA News, our member-only e-newsletter, delivered to your inbox quarterly (organizational members receive one issue to the email on file that they share with interested persons within their institution).
  • Free self-registration for the VTlibraries listserv, as well as other online communities.
  • Access to the Vermont Library Substitute Pool, either as a potential employer or temp/sub employee.
  • Recognition at the Vermont Library Conference in five award categories, as well as for non-VLA achievements, such as receiving the Vermont Department of Libraries’ Certificate of Public Librarianship.
  • Fun meeting librarians statewide.

Individual members:

Organizational Members:

Your membership supports state-wide initiatives and advocacy for libraries and librarians in a number of ways:

  • The John Swan Intellectual Freedom Fund is administered through VLA, coordinating a lecture series that brings nationally known speakers to Vermont.
  • Our salary compensation research, which we provide to librarians, trustees, and employers.
  • VLA officers represent our interests on the New England Library Association (NELA) and American Library Association (ALA) boards.
  • VLA advocates for libraries with state and federal government officials, as well as individual libraries faced with reading materials challenges, difficulties in information access, protection of patron privacy rights, and related issues.

Need More Information?

See our Membership FAQs.

Still have questions?  Contact the Membership and Outreach Committee.  We’re here to help.

Susan Larson, MLIS
Membership and Outreach Committee Chair

Last updated May 10, 2021.