1st Thursday — Using critical whiteness to study the experience of race in libraries

Emily Crist, Champlain College.
Despite an increasing awareness of the structural racial oppression and inequities within our society and institutions, little research has worked to unpack how library practitioners understand the way race shows up in our spaces, policies, procedures, behaviors, and habits. This session will discuss a qualitative study that used a critical whiteness lens to explore (1) how whiteness is experienced within academic libraries and (2) what contexts and settings both locally and nationally (re)create habits of whiteness. This session will introduce critical whiteness and critical librarianship and will detail five resulting themes arising from interviews with academic librarians that describe how whiteness functions within libraries of higher education.

Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvceGtrDosGNEivCbtcQmNLuXgXsTE2q5K

1st Thursday – Racism’s influence on the library world

Understanding racism’s influence on Vermont, our libraries, and our library associations.
The first step in developing an antiracist agenda is to understand systemic racism’s deep influence on our culture and institutions. In this session, we’ll take an unflinching look at how racism is part of our state and the profession of librarianship, including our associations. Building on this understanding, we’ll discuss what we can do to undo the harm caused by this history, and ask how we can reframe our efforts in the language of antiracism.