Temporary position: VDH – COVID-19 Public Inquiries Team

The Vermont Department of Health (VDH) is recruiting temporary staff to assist with the COVID-19 response.  The COVID-19 Public Inquiries Team (PIT) is tasked with responding to public inquiries that are beyond the capacity of the VDH first-line responders in the Main Call Center, the Public Inbox, or other teams.  Inquiries to the PIT often relate to the scope of the Contact Tracing and Outbreak Prevention, and Response Teams. Responses may require liaising with other VDH Teams to find an accurate answer or researching reputable sources to develop a response that is in line with best practices. Public Inquiries Team Members use existing knowledge, assistance from specialized teams/leadership, CDC guidance, and VDH-developed guidance to respond to inquiries from the public.

Preferred Qualifications:  Background in customer service, health, or public health.  Self-motivated, highly organized, and able to work well with a variety of team members and maintain situational awareness through cross-team collaboration. Comfortable speaking with members of the public who may be agitated or angry. Confident in conducting independent research using trusted resources (VDH, CDC, peer reviewed journal articles, etc.) to inform responses to complex inquiries about COVID-19. Experience working within the infectious disease field is a plus.

All work is remote at this time.  Minimum availability required is 25-30 hours per week.  Staff generally work 8:00am – 4:30pm but have the ability to flex their schedule if needed or preferred.  Examples of this are working some weekend hours, or shifting the schedule to later in the day (e.g. 10am – 6:30pm). 

Please send a resume to Chelsea Carman (Chelsea.carman@vermont.gov) if you are interested.

– Posted February 11, 2021